Chihuahua Names: Top 100 Boy and Girl Names

Can't go wrong with a name like "Bruiser"

Can't go wrong with a name like Bruiser!

Choosing a name for your Chihuahua is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. After all, it's not something you can easily change a few years down the road if you decide that you no longer like it. Dogs learn through through repetition, and teaching your Chihuahua their name will require you to speak it dozens of times per day. This is why it's important for owners to choose a meaningful and catchy name to which they can relate.

Don't stress out if you haven't picked a name for your Chihuahua yet, because we've compiled a list of the top 100 boy and girl Chihuahua names and naming tips below.

Top 100 Boy Chihuahua Names
Top 100 Girl Chihuahua Names
Aaron Abby
Ace Alley
A.J. Angel
Alex Annie
Ash Athena
Ashton Babette
Amos Belle
Atom Bessie
Astro Bina
Bailey Bindy
Bandit Bitsy
Benjamin Blondie
Bert Boo Boo
Benji Buffy
Biscuit Butters
Blake Buttercup
Boss Candy
Benny Caramel
Buzz Casey
Boo Boo Cassy
Bruno CeCe
Bruiser Chanel
Buttercup Charlie
Casper Chloe
Chip Chiffon
Chico Christina
Colt Cinnamon
Chief Coco
Cash Chrissy
Denny Daisy
Devil Dakota
Ernie Elise
Elvis Elle
Elroy Emma
Felix Evelyn
Filo Farrah
Fizz Foxy
Gizmo Frankie
Hero Frenchie
Ham Genie
Hugo Gigi
Handsome Ginger
Iggy Giselle
Ice Goldilocks
Jag Gucci
Jaden Gumdrop
Kenju Havana
King Hermes
Kong Honey
Kaine Hope
Lasher Indigo
Lad Ivy
Lucky Jasmine
Louie Juliet
Lion Justice
Max Karma
Mini Lexi
Mack Lexus
Might Lilac
Night Lilly
Ninja Lola
Nitro Lolita
Oppie Lucy
Oliver Lulu
Oscar Mariachi
Otis Martini
Peanut Mary Jane
Paw-Paw Mercedes
Popeye Mocha
Paine Mona Lisa
Pie-Boy Monroe
Prancer Muffin
Pup Paris
Quincy Peaches
Ranger Peanut
Ralph Penelope
Rover Penny
Rebel Pinkie
Ringo Piper
Rex Polly
Rhino Princess
Slasher Queenie
Socks Rainbow
Scooter Sadie
Stevie Sienna
Sesame Simone
Spots Skittles
Scooby Stella
Tiny Sugar
Tick Sweet Pea
Teenie Tahiti
Thor Tequila
Tackle Tinkerbell
Thrasher Tippy
Tom-Tom Tulip
Tango Twinkie
Woogie Venti
Waffle Visa
Zeb Yasmine
Ziggy Zoey

Names Based on Your Chihuahua's Personality

Chihuahua Standing Up

"Choose a good name for me!"

Chihuahuas are well-known for their unique personality and characteristics. If you want to take full advantage of this, consider naming your Chihuahua something related to his or her personality. Doing so is the perfect way to let the world know just what type of dog they are.

If your Chihuahua has a funny or unique personality (which most of them do!), then you shouldn't have a problem finding a name to suit them. For example if your Chihuahua likes to pounce on their toys, you can name them "Tiger."

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world, but if you've ever owned one you know they don't act like it. When faced against a dog two or even three times their size, they'll show their teeth while holding their ground. If this sounds like your Chihuahua, you could name them something ferocious, such as "Bruiser" "Bowser" or "Rex." The best part of naming your Chihuahua after their personality is the unique and personal touch it adds.

Big or Small Names

Even though the Chihuahua breed holds the title for the smallest dog breed, you can choose either small or large names for them. The reason this two-sided naming principle works so well with Chihuahuas is because of their large personality. Small names such as "Bitty, "Amos," and "Tinkerbell," "Mouse," and "Twinkie" are just a couple ideas which relate to their physical size. On the other hand, "Titan" or "Hulk" are two popular Chihuahua names that displays their big personalities.

Boy or Girl Names

Many owners overlook the importance of choosing a name that "fits" the gender of their Chihuahua. Whether you have a boy or girl Chihuahua, you should take this into consideration when choosing their name. Naming a boy Chihuahua "Bambi" or "Jasmine" probably isn't the best choice. Instead, go with a name that's suited towards the male gender, such as "Baxter" or "Amos."

Names Based on Color Coat

Chihuahua coats come in a near-endless variety of colors and markings. One popular naming method used by owners is to choose a name that's based on their Chihuahua's coat. If your Chihuahua is all black, "Midnight" would be a suitable name. A gray Chihuahua could be named "Smokey." If your Chihuahua is all white, maybe "Snowflake" would be a good name for them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to naming your Chihuahua based on their coat.

Chihuahua Naming Tips


Stick with a single name for your Chihuahua.

Many owners make the mistake of calling their Chihuahua by two or more different names. Once you think of a name for your Chihuahua, stick with it and only call them using the name you've chosen. Don't go making up nicknames or variations either. Calling your Chihuahua multiple names will confuse them, so only use a single name.

In addition, you should also avoid names which sound familiar to any commands you've trained your Chihuahua with, as well as names of other family members in the house. You want your Chihuahua's name to be unique and distinct so they'll better recognize it when spoken.

What's your favorite Chihuahua name? Let us know in the comments section below.

65 Responses to “Chihuahua Names: Top 100 Boy and Girl Names”

  1. Kellie Gullikson says:

    Chloe is so cute.

  2. Jessica says:

    Just got our first today, a baby boy.he is black and white with a few spots. We are used to big dogs, a chocolate lab named Ben and rescued boxer, also black and white. Her name is Cora Belle so we are having a hard time coming up with a name. He is really shy, likes to hide and snuggle. I want a “big boy” name. Any suggestions?

    • Anyms2 says:

      Just got a female rescue pre-named by her foster family “TInkerbell”. She is super adorable, and trying to relate to her new housemate kitty “Clarence”. Any other suggestions rather than “Tink”?

  3. Marianne says:

    I’m getting a little boy in a couple of weeks he’s black and tan apple head and I can’t seem to come up with a good name for him except for Valentino any suggestion?

  4. Luna says:

    My chihuahua is the craziest doggy ever!!!!!!!!! 😍

  5. Pamela says:

    I have two chihuahuas 1 named Blubell as she is blue and we named her after my very first chihuahua who was also blue sadly he got run over when a so called friend of mine took him for a walk and dropped his lead. He was only 9mths old.H is name was blu. My other one is Ruthless a very small champagne colour. I love them both.

  6. Rabecca says:

    I’m getting a tan coloured little boy on Friday thinking of calling him bandit but not sure of a middle name to go with it yet.

  7. Suzie says:

    I just got my tiny female Chihuahua. Didn’t know what to name her but my daughter said it should be something latin, lol. I was considering Chichi, but since she is blonde, I went for Ruby short for Rubia.

  8. Julia says:

    Bryan (Felipe, Middle Name) and George (Anthony, Middle Name) are my Chis. They’re both nine years old and we’ve had them since the moment they were born, both very privileged and spoiled. ; P

    They can’t stand clothes or being away from us very long, again they’re brats and not very smart but eh. What can you do.

    Bryan from Family Guy (I was young at the time, sue me xD, he’s white like Bryan so…) and George from Grey’s Anatomy. Their middle names just cause we thought they went well.

  9. Gertrude says:

    My new Chi is lovely!!! I named her after my recently passed mother “pookie bear the third” Work it mom!!! Even though I really miss my mother I feel like chi has a part of her in his soul!!! <3

  10. Kayleigh says:

    My 2 year old boy is called smooshy face or mooshy for short, because he has the cutest wrinkly lil face wen he’s tired and I can’t help but smoosh it! (In a good way!)
    He’s so loving and the boss at home but very very nervous outside.. do any of you have that issue?

  11. immaculate says:

    i wanna ask favor a name for my cute Chihuahua puppy male and female nearly similar to my boyfriends name please… his name is Albert Adina, can you help? million thanks.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I’m getting my first chi so excited !!! She’s white with tan markings I think we’re gonna call her tink

  13. Robin says:

    My 3 year old little girl is named ELF. She’s solid white.

  14. stephanie says:

    My babies name is hochi and I’m also getting a new pure breed Chihuahua I’m still thinking of names

  15. Cheryl Simpson says:

    We have a brown rescued male that came w the name Thomas Jefferson, I then bought a black female and named her sally Hemings (president jefferson had a black mistress) 😀😀. With such elites, I’m struggling to name my 2 new sisters, one is a blue/gray and the other is a chocolate brown. She may end up being Amelia Earhart bc she FLIES, the blue may be foxy blue. Any other suggestions??

  16. Jennifer says:


  17. Marielle says:

    My baby Chi name is Honey 😛

  18. Annie says:

    I’m getting my chihuahua today. I named him Ricco he’s 7 weeks old. Anyone has any tips for me. Lol

    • Debbie says:

      I have Rico on my list as well. It’s my husband’s name! He is SUCH a dog ! LOL 😂

      i get my little guy on the 18th of the month.
      I won’t name him Rico, however. I don’t want him to be 🤷‍♀️ confused!

      I think I’m going with either “Ace” or “Iggy”.

    • Amy Gallman says:

      I wouldn’t take the 7 week old yet. I’ve been a licensed Chihuahua breeder for years. The pups need to stay with mom till 10 weeks, it’s actually a law by Department of Agriculture. You can Google this, it is true. The babies are so small they need mom a little longer! Congrats to owners!

  19. Maya says:

    My two Chihuahuas are called angel and icy

  20. Patricia says:

    My Chihuahua is named Duke. He was a rescue and was already named but i need a middle name. Any suggestions?

    • Debbie says:


      It makes me think of John Wayne …..

      He was a “man’s man”. …..larger than life.
      A real hero ! His nickname in Hollywood was “The Duke”. Or some just st called him “Duke”. Duke Wayne. Has a nice ring to it!

  21. Andrea Mesa says:

    My sweet little baby her name is TINK TINK akaTINKY POTTIES

  22. sam derrick says:

    my 2 girls are called Lexi and Lillie sisters but a 1 yr between them

  23. Bill Hutcherson says:

    My dearly departed fellow went by the name of Pedro although his full name was Pedro Jose. He was a great little Mexican and had everyone he met falling in love with him. Pedro passed away because his heart just got too big for his little body to handle.

    • linda says:

      My deepest condolences, Bill, for your loss. We are still mourning our little Chi’s death on 11/9. His name was Turbo. He made 16 but was sickly most of his life with us of 15 years. He suffered from many things but his immediate cause of death was probably the same as your Pedro’s–congestive heart failure. I never knew it could be so tough. We are basket cases. I hope you turn the corner soon.

      • vikki says:

        So sad! I have just lost my little boy Chi. He was just over 10. Congestive heart failure! It seems rather usual in little Chi’s. I miss him so much.

      • Pat Miller says:

        Oh dear, we just got a lil’ Chi today…. I hope there won’t be a lot of issues!
        My condolences to you both

    • marsha says:

      Lost my Bruiser in March 2013 and I still miss him. Same thing happened to him. Just now considering another one.

  24. Dinky says:

    I named my 3 pound teacup female Chihuahua “Dinky”.

  25. Mendy says:

    I am getting a female chihuahua today for my male I hv note (Chico) fits him perfect btw lol anyway I’m trying to come up with a name for her and that will also go with Chico so if anyone had any ideas plz let me know! Thank you

  26. Mrs Pamela A Fuller says:

    I named my sweet puppy Chica, she is so precious!!!!

  27. Vanessa says:

    I recently lost my two baby boys. CiScHo 6 years old and jojo 9 months old. I was extremely attatched to my buggie boo(CiScHo). He got his name from the song. “CiScHo kid was a friend mine”. And jojo got his name just because it suit him. He was very calm and a bit more scared then my others. But so loving and looked in a way like a miniature pitbull. I had previously owned a female ginger whom was the sister of jojo but I gave her to a friend whom was in need of a friend. And my sister has a son of CiScHo’s whom we call cujo. The name fits him well. None of them are big barkers except for cujo. Unless someone is getting near the outside of the house or if someone knocks at the door. And sometimes when I would play around and say. ” who is it” or “come in”. All of them very loving and great companions. I am now waiting to get my new pup. Just born lastnight and the son of CiScHo , whom i am going to name after his dad. I will probably call him jr for nickname. Everyone loved my CiScHo. Since my loss i am very emotional and cry often and would like to know if anyone can give me some advice or lead me in the right direction to make the person responsible for my loss pay for his intentional malicious acts and behavior which cost my babies lives. Some people see them as just dogs but mine were my babies” my children”. Please , can someone help me or give advice. I buried jojo. He was the first to go and at the time was unaware of the actual situation. When CiScHo went approx 3 days later the exact same way as jojo after coming home from my aunts where he was safe and had I known I would have left him there longer until I was rid of the evil lurking in my home. He died the following day after coming home. I suspect some sort of poisoning but won’t know exactly until results of necropsy come back. But please can I get some advice. I miss them so much.

    • Susan Johnson says:

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your babies, it makes it even worse that it is not a natural passing and losing one after the other must be devastating.The strength of the grief we feel for the loss of our dogs is the equivalent to the strength of our love, if the grief is unbearable, the love was powerful, which means the relationship was successful between you and your dogs. When we lose something we go through what is called a grief curve, which includes denial, anger, pain, depression then finally acceptance. Dogs that are poisoned are unsteady, vomit, pass blood from nose, mouth and bottom, it is often a long and painful process, how quickly did yours pass? One of the main causes of poisoning if somebody is going to poison a dog and is readily available is rat poison (or warfrin), the other one is anti freeze, animals like it because it is sweet to taste. I am a veterinary nurse and psychotherapist, let me know how you got on with the toxicology results. Sending my love Sue

  28. LadyLibra says:

    I was kinda surprised that I didn’t find a version of my little girls name on the list, Laci. If I had named her after her personality when I first got her it wuld have been Taz or Tizzy since she acted like a little Tasmanian devil especially when she had something 2 eat, she’s gotten a lot better but it’s taken some work. She’s the 4th one I’ve had throughout my life so far n the things I’ve found they all have in common is that they pick their human n remain loyal,they all know that they r really Rotwilers, lol. They r very loving n easy 2 spoil but yes they have 2 know who the alpha is.

  29. Pamela Phillipson says:

    My two sisters are called Poppy and Princess

  30. Pam says:

    I have named my Fawn little girl Isabella because she knows how special she is. She has a loving personality to all. I hope to some day soon to get her qualified as a service animal.

  31. Priscilla says:

    We have a 3yr old male named Salty! He is the best! So loving and such a kissyface!

  32. Kathy says:

    I have 2 liter mates, BrendaLeigh, female, “apple head” – Spike, male, “dear head” – they just turned 4, and I have variations (and “jingles”) with both of their names

  33. Aneczka says:

    It suprised me to find out the name DASH is not on the list, my little boy I named DASH

  34. Lynne says:

    I have ten of them. Had five, aquired their mom and dad and she had 3 puppies. Seven names…Lola, Hoss, Spot, JB, Sassy (Sassafras when shes in trouble, still a baby), Abby (Abigail) and JoJo. Pups arent named

  35. Taki says:

    I’m getting a new chihuahua he’s black and white and I can’t figure out what yo name him. I was thinking of Niko or marley

  36. Georgia McLaren says:

    My Chihuahuas name is Ella she is the best.She’s ten months and she’s only barked eight times in her life. She is super hipper and kisses us like crazy. We defiantly lucked out with the best chihuahua ever!!!!!

  37. erica says:

    My Chiwawa name is Dixie

    Named here after the Dixie chicks

  38. Eggy G says:

    After 14 years my sweet and faithful pitbul terrier passed away and I didn’t want any dog ever again. Well, after about 1 year I deciced to have a new dog and it is a chihuahua. It is exactly the same color as my pitbul and I call him SANCHEZ! (full name on regustration is Sanchez Garcia Lopez) And you know what, I realy love this little animal and he’s always fun!

  39. Michael says:

    My mini chihuahua is named minute because he is no bigger than a minute. He knew his name on day 2 he was answering by minute

  40. J Weaver says:

    I have 2 chihuas now since one was stolen almost a year ago.
    I have a black female named Sadie and a brindle male named Turbo. The tan male that was stolen was named Diesel.
    I loved introducing people to Diesel and them thinking it was a huge dog haha.
    All of my dogs have at least 3 different names with their nicknames, and they aren’t confused one bit.

  41. amy says:

    My little girl named her puppy two years be for we even got

    her. Her name is dipstick I think it’s the cutest thing on the world she is only 3mon old alil

    A little hard to potie tran but it’s a working progressive

  42. Mary says:

    With all my dogs I wait to find out what their personality is like. My baby, a cream/white colored long hair, was strutting around my other dogs acting all sassy like at the age of 10 weeks, so that is now her name, Sassy.

  43. Sal says:

    I celebrated my birthday in September by getting a beautiful baby girl. She is all black with the tips of both back paws and her front right paw white. I wanted to go with a name that would coincide with her color. I thought of Midnight,Negra and Noir. I finally decided on Noche which is Spanish for Night.

  44. Blacky says:

    You should put a name blacky.That name i have it in my black chihuahuha and she knows thats her name.I know it sounds weird the name but its a cute name for a black girl dog.

  45. Susan says:

    My Teacup is Karthryn. Although very small, very bossy!

  46. felicia says:

    I thought of a cute funny one for a girl. How about Myrtle? A name from yesteryear…

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