Submit a Photo of Your Chihuahua

Are you proud of your Chihuahua and want to show them off here on our site? If so, send us a picture or two and we'll be more than happy to show them off at our photo gallery. After we receive the pictures, we'll upload them to our photo gallery where they will be on display for all of our visitors to see. Just be sure to follow some of the basic rules and guidelines listed below.

There's no denying the fact that owners love showing off their precious Chihuahuas, which is why we decided to add this feature to our site. was originally created as a go-to resource with information on Chihuahua training, health problems, grooming, breed statistics, etc. After receiving some feedback from our highly-valued visitors, we decided to start a photo gallery where members could send in pictures of their precious Chis.

Important Rules To Follow When Sending Your Chihuahua Pictures:

  1. Please send no more than (3) pictures of your Chihuahua.
  2. Each image with a maximum file size limit of 3 MB.
  3. If you would us to display their name, please include this information along with the images. (optional)
  4. It may take a couple days before your photos are uploaded to our site, so please be patient and bear with us.

Where Do I Send My Chihuahua Pictures?

Click here to send your pictures of your Chihuahua or mail them directly to We're pretty busy with making improvements and adding new content to our site, so it may take us a couple days to upload your images. Rest assured, though, each and every photo your submit will be reviewed by our staff and uploaded as long as follows the criteria listed here.

Where Will My Chihuahua Pictures Be Displayed?

Currently, we're showing off visitor photos at our Chihuahua Pictures and Visitor Photo page. As we continue to receive submissions, we'll be adding them here for our visitors to view as they please. In the future, we may start up a blog where your submissions could be on display as well.

Thanks again for visiting and we look forward to showing off your Chis!