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Chihuahua Names: Top 100 Boy and Girl Names

Choosing a name for your Chihuahua is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, it’s not something you can easily change a few years down the road if you decide that you no longer like it. Dogs learn through through repetition, and teaching your Chihuahua their name will require you to speak […]

60 Amazing Facts About Chihuahuas That You Didn’t Know

Small in size but big in personality, the Chihuahua is truly one of a kind. They are energetic, affectionate, playful and fiercely loyal to their family. But even if you’re familiar with the breed, there are probably some things you don’t know about them. Check out the following 60 amazing Chihuahua facts. #1) Chihuahuas are […]

Chihuahua Puppy Growth Chart

If you’re the proud owner of a Chihuahua puppy, you may wonder how big your furry friend will get. Holding claim to the world’s smallest dog breed, Chihuahuas typically weigh between two and six pounds when fully grown. Of course, that’s a pretty wide range, leaving many owners pondering the following question: how big, or small, […]

What To Expect From a Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle

Female Chihuahuas can make wonderful, loving family pets. In fact, many people prefer them because they don’t mark their territory like their male counterparts. If you plan on raising a female Chihuahua, though, you’ll need to be aware of their heat cycle. This is a critical time in their life that requires special care and […]

How To Choose The Right Chihuahua Puppy From a Litter

Taking trips to local breeders in search of a new Chihuahua puppy is an exciting time for everyone involved. Just being able to watch these playful balls of fur rolls around on one another is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. However, you’ll want to think long and hard about which puppy is […]

Choosing The Right Dog Food For a Chihuahua

Choosing a dog food for your Chihuahua isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. Like all dogs, Chihuahuas have very specific nutritional needs that must be met through proper dieting. Unfortunately, most of the dog foods sold in pet stores and grocery stores fail to provide enough nutrients for healthy growth and development. While […]

Comparing The Differences Between Long-Coat and Smooth-Coat Chihuahuas

Purebred Chihuahuas are categorized as either long-coat or smooth-coat (AKA short coat). Contrary to what some people may believe, these aren’t actual breeds but rather varieties of the Chihuahua. If you’re thinking of adding a new Chihuahua to your family in the near future, it’s important to understand the differences between long-coats and smooth-coats. While […]

Deer Head vs Apple Head Chihuahua: What’s the Difference?

Chihuahuas are often referred to as being either “deer head” or “apple head,” depending on their appearance and physical characteristics. It’s a common assumption that deer head and apple head are official varieties of the Chihuahua. But if you read the breed standards for the Chihuahua, you won’t find them listed as such. The American […]

Teacup Chihuahuas – Separating The Facts From The Fiction

Whether you currently own a Chihuahua or are thinking of owning one, you’ve probably heard people refer to some of them as “teacups” or similar names. Typically, owners and breeders may refer to their ultra-small Chihuahuas using terms such as these. This can undoubtedly be confusing giving the fact that the American Kennel Club (AKC) […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Adopt From a Chihuahua Rescue

Are you thinking about adding a new Chihuahua to your family? Before you start calling around breeders in your area, you should check into some of the local Chihuahua rescues. Many people seem to forget about these organizations and the loving, loyal and downright adorable Chihuahuas they offer. While they may not offer as many […]