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Chihuahua Tear Stains: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Have you noticed dark-colored tear stains under your Chihuahua’s eyes? Tear staining is a condition that’s characterized by dark reddish-brown stains under the eyes. When a Chihuahua produces tears, those tears may drip below his eyes, creating these distinct stains on his fur. Some owners disregard tear stains as being nothing more than an “aesthetic” […]

How To Trim Your Chihuahua’s Nails

Like most small dogs, Chihuahuas aren’t too keen on getting their nails trimmed. Many will run and hide in their crate or bed when they first spot the dreaded nail clippers. Trying to play hide-and-seek with your Chihuahua is difficult enough, let alone actually clipping their nails. Some chihuahuas will pull away, while others yelp […]