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Foods Your Chihuahua Shouldn’t Eat

Just because we can eat a particular food doesn’t mean that a Chihuahua can. Many common foods that are perfectly safe for us to consume can cause severe illness in a Chihuahua. We’ve all heard that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but you might be surprised to learn what other foods are on the list. […]

Pros and Cons of Microchipping Your Chihuahuas

Canine microchipping has become more and more popular in recent years with roughly 10 million dogs receiving the implant. If you own a Chihuahua, chances are you’ve at least considered microchipping them before. However, any smart and caring owner should weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with this procedure before jumping into it. The fact […]

History of the Chihuahua Breed

Like many modern-day dog breeds, much of the Chihuahua’s history is shrouded in mystery. Where did the Chihuahua originate from? Were they brought over from Europe? Are they descendants of a different breed? Were they bred for a specific purpose like hunting rodents or herding livestock? While there’s no definitive answer to these questions, historians […]

How To Brush a Chihuahua’s Coat

Whether you like it or not, your Chihuahua is bound to shed some of their hair inside your home. Naturally, long-haired Chihuahuas are more prone to shedding than their smooth-coat counterpart, but the fact is that BOTH types will shed. The most effective method for dealing with excess hair is to frequently brush your Chihuahua’s […]